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Professional Network Services

Other custom or Add-on products and services.

Qualified, experienced and skilled Linux and Internet Engineers available on-call or per-hour, as well as commercial, business and ISP Industry experts available on similar terms.

Available for Managed VPS customers and other customers that utilise our "SysAdmin as a Service" product, through to ISP & large Corporate "Whole of Business" Hosting and Connectivity services.

Open-Source and Internet Hosting Experts.

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Professional Services

WHMCS Monthly License & Setup

WHM/CS VPS License and installed.


Windows OS Monthly Licensing

Monthly fee for the ongoing use of a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 2016 or 2019 Data Centre 64bit License and installation.


Professional Services

Certified as Redhat Engineers trained and skilled in ITIL and DevOps for System & Network Administration services. Services remotely (hourly, by phone & telecommuting), on-site, monthly Retainer for 24x7 on-call assistance & services.

ISP, NBN & IT&C Services

Remote Access, Telecommuting or On-Site (excl travel costs) Expert IT Services (hourly, by phone & telecommuting), monthly Retainer for 24x7 on-call assistance & services.

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