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cPanel #1F

Cores: 2
Memory: 5 GB
Storage: 75 GB as NVMe
Data: 15 TB / month
IP Addresses: 2
cPanel: Installed and Licensed for up to 5 cPanel Users
VPS Options

Ideal for small businesses hosting an online store, internet developers, and hosting companies. Full root access, you're able to install advanced software and completely customize virtually anything as if your VPS were a dedicated server without the costs and headaches.

Though this is not a "managed" VPS product by default (VPS Option for Fully Managed VPS is available), Network Presence SysAdmins are available for 1 hour / month of phone, Signal or IM contact and on-server systems administration work.

NVMe disk storage included.


Number of CPU Cores @ 3 Ghz minimum 2
Memory or RAM 5 GB
(NVMe by default, SSD Option available)
75 GB
cPanel Admin-level Cloud License tick
Traffic Quota / Month 15 TB of Internet Data Traffic in largest usage direction (sent or recv'd)
All Servers have Internet (IP) Addresses assigned 2 x IPv4 and IPv6 available now
Available Operating Systems

Linux installed as per cPanel requirements


Extras Included

cPanel Admin Cloud Licensed and Installed
Access Power & Reset Buttons
and Web Console
Support tick
Access to Network Presence Skilled, Experienced & Trained Linux and Open-Source SysAdmins 1 Hour / month
Fee for Over-Quota Network data transfer $0.01 / GB sent or received

Price and Payment

Billing cycle monthly
Terms of Notice 1 month
Setup Fee $0.00 AUD inc GST
Monthly Fee $45.00 AUD inc GST