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Router Appliance

Cores: 2 minimum
Memory: 2 GB minimum
Storage: 20 GB minimum
Network: 10 Mbps of throughput on daily 95th %ile
IP Addresses: 8 IPv4 and IPv6 /64
Linux with Quagga/BGP/IPTables/SNMP/Full root SSH/NetFlow Collectors & Probes, MySQL DB: Installed
VPS Options

A Linux server configured to host a variety of Network Routing applications and servers, including Quagga, IPv4/6, VPNs and Tunnels, BGP Peers, Linux Traffic Control, IPTables, NetFlow Tools, full root login via SSH and any other open-source network technology you'd like installed.

You have full access to the Linux OS and to all route/routing server functions and commands, including IP Tables & Linux "tc" commands and Kernel modules.

This is a "managed" VPS product and Network Presence SysAdmins are available by phone, Skype or IM contact for on-server systems administration work.

Dual 100Mbps Ethernet interfaces presented to the VPS and as quoted this can route over 100Mbps with full processing, and addtional 2-3 units can be applied to grow to 300-500Mbps max throughput processing.

Add your own AS Number to if you wish through the additional options and can optional route up to a /24 that you supply, but includes a /27 of IPv4 addresses from Network Presence, with IPv6 up to a /64.

Daily stats of all Routed IP Addresses, loaded to a DB and optionally emailed to end-user/customer email addresses for each Routed IP.

Easily upgraded, migrated or cloned to high specification VPS Plans as req'd.

You have 24x7 Ticketed and 8am to 8pm Live SysAdmin Support included.

Please contact us with any queries you may have on this Appliance VPS.



Traffic Quota / Month 10 Mbps of Network Traffic in or out of this VPS on a Daily 95th Percentile Average via Dual 100Mbps Ethernet Ports
IP Addresses 8 x IPv4 and /64 of IPv6 included
SSH (Secure Shell), FTP & other login access Yes
Various Routing & Connectivity Technologies installed, incl. BGP, VPN, IP Address & FTP etc Installed as req'd for your Router VPS, including redundant BGP sessions to Network Presence Internet Routers
Support tick
Access Power & Reset Buttons and Web Console tick
Access to Network Presence Skilled, Experienced & Trained Linux and Open-Source SysAdmins 1 Hour minimum

Price and Payment

Over-Quota Network data Fee $0.05 / GB
Minimum account term 3 Months
Billing cycle Monthly
Setup Fee $0.00 AUD inc GST
Monthly Fee $88.00 AUD inc GST