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Linux Cluster #1

Cores: 4 on each node
Memory: 4 GB minimum on each node
Storage: 200 GB of Networked Storage common to each node
Data: 4 TB in total of all node's traffic
Clustered Filesystem & DB Servers with custom LAMP: Installed
VPS Options

A PAIR of Linux servers (CentOS Linux by default) with the at least 200GB of Storage available in a DRBD/OCFS Clustered Filesystem, with your preference of Apache/Nginx, PHP/Perl and MariaDB Galera MySQL Cluster or other Open-Source software installed and configured based on your requirements and dependencies (eg: MySqlAdmin is installed).

At least 4 x CPUs and 4GB of fast RAM and RAID10 Disk arrays are provisioned initially for each of the 2 x VPS for your Linux Cluster, with more resources available as required or if high loads are expected.

eg: Use our "Extra 1GB RAM for your VPS" product to get an additional 1GB of RAM on each of your Clustered Linux Servers.

Each VPS is provisioned on physical separate VPS Hosting Platforms for further redundancy.

You have full access to the Linux OS and to all available system functions and commands.

Though this is not a "managed" VPS product, Network Presence SysAdmins are available for 1 hour / month of phone, Skype or IM contact and on-server systems administration work.

Easily upgraded, migrated or cloned to high specification VPS Plans as req'd.

You have 24x7 Ticketed and 8am to 8pm Live SysAdmin Support included.

Please contact us with any queries you may have on this Appliance VPS.


Traffic Quota / Month 4 TB of Internet Data Traffic in largest usage direction (sent or recv'd)
IP Addresses 2 x IPv4 and IPv6 available now
SSH (Secure Shell), FTP & other login access Yes
Linux with Apache or Nginx and PHP with Perl and MariaDB Galera MySQL Clustered DB Installed tick
Support tick
Access Power & Reset Buttons and Web Console tick
Access to Network Presence Skilled, Experienced & Trained Linux and Open-Source SysAdmins 1 Hour minimum / month

Price and Payment

Over-Quota Network data Fee $0.25 / GB
Minimum account term 1 Month
Billing cycle Monthly
Setup Fee $0.00 AUD inc GST
Monthly Fee minimum of $200.00 AUD inc GST