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Java Server

Cores: 3
Memory: 3 GB
Storage: 30 GB of SSD Cache
Data: 2 TB
IP Addresses: 1
Java Server Software: Raw JVM, Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, etc

Your own Linux VPS (able to run JVMs from shell commands) installed from its latest open-source distribution and configured for Web (HTTP and HTTPS) Service Java Web Hosting on the VPS.

You can request? your Java Version (6,7,8,9) and you can make configuration updates to your VPS software as you need.

You have restricted access to the Linux OS (root functions can be available as req'd) and access to all JVM functions and commands but this is your own Java Server VPS, able to host all functions that such a VPS can, including dedicated JVM operations and multiple IP addresses.

This is a "managed" VPS product and Network Presence SysAdmins are available for 24x7 by Web, Email, Skype or IM contact and by Mobile Phone 8x5 (Mon-Fri) for on-server systems administration work.

Easily upgraded, migrated or cloned to high specification VPS Plans as req'd, minimal Disk Cache, but more & SSD Disk is available too.

You have 24x7 Ticketed and 8am to 8pm Live SysAdmin Support included.

Please contact us with any queries you may have on this Appliance VPS.


Traffic Quota / Month 2 TB of Internet Data Traffic in largest usage direction (sent or recv'd)
IP Addresses 1 x IPv4 and IPv6 /120 included
SSH (Secure Shell), FTP & other login access, including full root user access Yes
JVM / Java Server Installed JVM version? & server (Tomcat or Jetty usually) Installed & Configured for your Backend Web Servers
Support tick
Access Power & Reset Buttons?and Web Console tick
Access to Network Presence Skilled, Experienced & Trained Linux and Open-Source SysAdmins 1 Hour minimum

Price and Payment

Over-Quota Network data Fee $0.15 / GB
Minimum account term 1 Month
Billing cycle Monthly
Setup Fee $0.00 AUD inc GST
Monthly Fee $66.00 AUD inc GST