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Value VPS #3A

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Cores: 8 x 1.8 Ghz minimum (usually 2.2Ghz & faster CPUs)
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 80 GB, No IOPS Limit
Data: 30 Mbps Network
Pay By The Hour of Runtime* (VPS Option): $0.084
(*VPS Option only, not charged by default)

All pricing is in Australian dollars including GST
VPS Options

Consider our OZC VPS Plans at our new Shopfront site.

Need more resources than standard web hosting can offer? The best choice for a faster, more flexible solution for managing multiple web hosting accounts and domain names. More CPUs, fast storage, expert support and robust infrastructure delivers your own professional-level network presence at a very affordable price.

Responsive, easy migration or plan customisation to accommodate growth when you need it.


Number of CPU Cores @ min. 1.8 Ghz minimum 8
Memory 4 GB
Storage 80 GB @ No IOPS max
Additional / Backup Storage 40 GB
Internet Transit Traffic Quota / Month 20 Mbps of Network Bandwidth
IP Address 1
Support Yes
20Mbps Network Port Yes
Access Power & Reset Buttons and Web Console Yes

Price and Payment

Over-Quota Network Fee None. 30 Mbps max throughput
Billing cycle monthly
Setup Fee $0.00 AUD inc GST
Monthly Fee $39.95 AUD inc GST
Hourly Runtime Fee (if VPS Option selected) $0.084 AUD inc GST