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cPanel DNS Only

Cores: 1
Memory: 900 MB
Storage: 10 GB
Data: Un-metered for mostly DNS data streams
cPanel DNSONLY Distribution: Installed and ready for use
VPS Options

Without Name Servers your Self-hosted Domains and the websites they resolve for aren't viewable by your customers and this VPS product provides you with full access to the WHM/cPanel DNSONLY software, as well as the underlying CentOS Linux operating system in order to configure and use this VPS as you wish. We are available to assist with DNS settings if you need post VPS hand-over.

You can also select whether you'd like this Name Server VPS provisioned in our main Sydney Data Centre POP, or in our Canberra POP, for geo-redundancy if required.


Number of CPU Cores 1
Memory or RAM 900 MB
10 GB VPS Disk
WHM/cPanel DNSONLY Installed & configured} tick
Traffic Quota / Month Un-metered.
All Servers have Internet (IP) Addresses assigned 1 x IPv4 and IPv6 available now
Available Operating Systems

CentOS Linux installed as per cPanel requirements


Extras Included

cPanel DNSONLY VPS Installed with full WHM DNS Only Access
Access Power & Reset Buttons
and Web Console
Support tick
Expert System Administration tick
Fee for Over-Quota Network data transfer (not applicable for "Un-metered Data" plans) $0.05 / GB sent or received

Price and Payment

Billing cycle monthly
Terms of Notice 1 month
Setup Fee $0.00 AUD inc GST
Monthly Fee $9.90 AUD inc GST